Premier League release statement following result of the EU referendum

4782753The Premier League have released a statement after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on Friday morning.

The voting process has dominated the papers over the last few weeks, and whilst politics and football are usually separated, football has been heavily involved as a side topic surrounding the debate.

Following the victory for the ‘Leave’ campaign, instantly attentions turned to footballers from abroad with hundreds of them plying their trade in the United Kingdom.

In the past, freedom of movement has allowed sportsmen and women to earn a living in the UK without the need for a complicated work permit process – something which could now change.

However, the Premier League have released a statement insisting nothing will change – for the time being anyway – and everything will become clearer in regards to the future once the storm settles.

A spokesman said: “The Premier League is a hugely successful sporting competition that has strong domestic and global appeal. This will continue to be the case regardless of the referendum result.

“Given the uncertain nature of what the political and regulatory landscape might be following the ‘Leave’ vote, there is little point second guessing the implications until there is greater clarity.

“Clearly, we will continue to work with Government and other bodies whatever the outcome of any process.”

Non-EU citizens would usually have to meet Home Office registration criteria, or for football players have to play a specific number of matches for their national sides, but it could now all change.

There are already a number of players who play in the Premier League who would have almost certainly not been granted entry to the United Kingdom had they tried to complete deals now.

The UK’s move away from the European Union on Friday prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to announce shortly after 08.00 this morning that he would resign.